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Hot Peace: Causal Mechanisms behind the success or failure of peace processes

(Incitants FWB – projets européens )

Unité : REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale | ULB704

Description :

This project, ‘Hot Peace: Causal Mechanisms behind the success or failure of peace processes’, aims at exploring critically
the interactions between various social dynamics (macro, mezzo, and micro-social) affecting the results of various peace agreements
in the post-Cold War scenario, in order to developing an integrated model of the causal mechanisms that lead to the
re-mobilisation of insurgents in post-agreement contexts. This model will contribute with novel theoretical and methodological tools for
peace-building grounded on actual peace agreement experiences and rich data. The model will build up on the advances in conflict and
peace studies of the last decades, aiming at integrating them and testing them on three case-studies where we will conduct field
research: Colombia, Northern Ireland and Mali. These three case-studies were chosen on the basis of opportunity (existing networks of
researchers and extensive gate-keepers on the ground) and because they represent various degrees of post-agreement violence posing
different levels of threats against peace agreements (serious in Colombia and Mali, marginal in Northern Ireland). 

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