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Burundian Police in international peacekeeping operations

Units : REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale | ULB704

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Studies on African armies in peacekeeping operations exist in large numbers and are constantly updated. However, despite its
growing role in peacekeeping operations, the police component has been little explored - or explored by highly theoretical studies that
are insufficiently documented empirically. The lack of knowledge relates not only to police deployments abroad themselves, but
also to the effects of these deployments on police forces upon their return to their home countries. The development of knowledge on
these issues is all the more pressing when one considers that African police forces are regularly criticized for nepotism,
corruption or for their role in the political repression of opponents. It should also be borne in mind that most of the police forces
that contribute to these missions, and which come from so-called fragile states, are in the process of restructuring, as in the case
of Burundi. Our project intends to contribute to the filling of the gaps in this area by means of a case study focusing on the
contemporary situation in Burundi. More specifically, we intend to ask the following questions in the context of this project: What
are the effects of participation in multinational peacekeeping operations on the Burundian police force? What are the consequences
of these deployments for the police organization as a whole? What effects, if any, does this experience have on the way the
police carry out their missions when they return to Burundi?  
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