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Holographic Vision for Immersive Tele-Robotic OperatioN

Units : LISA - Virtual Reality | ULB830

Description :

The EU-funded HoviTron project aims to develop hardware and software modules to replace stereoscopic head mounted displays (HMD)
with holographic ones, as well as designing accompanying multi-camera acquisition systems for real scenery. Within this scope, a
light field HMD will provide holographic vision; thanks to this system, eye accommodation will be eased and will allow vergence for
ergonomic and immersive telerobotic operations. When the robot operates, conventional or light field cameras will recreate the
proper light field in the HMD of the tele-operator that will steer the robot. Eventually, the project will evaluate the benefits of
such light field HMD for the tele-operator, whose work is expected to become more comfortable.
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  • LAFRUIT Gauthier

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