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From Seeds to Rags: Textile Production in Dendi and Borgou (North Benin)

(Projet EMKP. Endangered material knowledge programme : grant agreement.)

Units : Center of Cultural Anthropology | ULB415

Description :

The project aims primarily at documenting cotton cloth production in North Benin, from cotton growing activities to thread
production (ginning, carding, spinning), weaving on a vertical loom, indigo dyeing, and sewing. One of the target areas is the Dendi
(along the southern bank of the Niger River) where technical knowledge is especially endangered. For documentary and comparative
purposes, fieldwork will also be carried out further south, in Borgou –the second target area–, where parts of the whole textile
production sequence still survive.
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List of persons in charge :

  • GOSSELAIN Olivier


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  • Autres moyens financiers dépendant de l'étranger