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Why Lefort Matters A Conceptual Genealogy of Contemporary Normative Cleavages

(Projet ARC avancé 2016-2021)

Units : Centre for Political Theory | ULB608

Description :

Claude Lefort (1924-2010) may be seen today as one of the leading political theorists of the late twentieth century. Yet the
secondary literature on his output remains peculiarly sparse, especially outside the French-speaking world. Except a few specialist
circles that recognise the ‘matricial’ place of his work, Lefort’s threefold contribution to the history of contemporary ideas,
democratic theory, and understanding of current political issues remains undervalued or even unknown. Our research project sets
out to bridge this gap using an approach that marries the history of ideas with normative theory. The aim is neither to write
Lefort’s intellectual biography nor to offer an analysis of his work itself, but rather to treat Lefort’s writings as a gateway to
four goals. 
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