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HYPER - "Water shortage: personal hygiene out of / without / evil 'at home'

Units : METICES | ULB698

Description :

The aim of the HYPER project is to make the problem of water insecurity in Brussels visible and to better characterise it and to
propose solutions. Water insecurity can be defined as a situation in which a person or household has difficulty accessing water to
meet their basic needs (food, personal hygiene, laundry and toilet).
The project will focus on one aspect of water insecurity:
the difficulties of access to water, hygiene and cleanliness (body, clothing, toilets). It develops the following research
questions: characterise groups of people dealing with water precariousness in Brussels; investigate the places and facilities devoted to
meet their needs in the Brussels-Capital Region; describe and understand the practices implemented by these populations to ensure
hygiene and body care, and the obstacles they encounter. The project also proposes a historical approach to access to water in
Brussels as well as comparative perspectives with other European cities.

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