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Diver-city VillAge 360°

Units : Research Center Leonardo Da Vinci | ULB732

Description :

The desire to stay at home when you are older is widespread. However, the current system in the Brussels Region is not resilient:
home care provision is segmented sectorally and linguistically; current solutions do not meet the diversity of old life projects
or the diversity of situations; older people suffer from isolation and the resources and skills available to them are no longer
valued by society; the burden and skills of caregivers are insufficiently identified, supported and mobilized, working conditions in
the sector are difficult. Our project aims to build resilience in terms of "Aging well at home", taking into account the realities
of the Brussels Region (not less than 27% of older people in Brussels would come from cultural diversity according to
Kenniscentrum Woonzorg Brussel ( 2014)),
Our proposal is to develop a mobile third-party (tested during the assembly phase in the form of a
"yellow bubble" in the public space): an interstitial device between the home and the various organizations and people likely to
accompany the senior and his caregivers in their singular project to better age at home. Our project has an important technical
dimension (a mobile, playful, modular structure) but it serves as a basis for the development of close relationships with the senior,
anchored in the neighborhood, its rhythms (weekly market, school outing, office religious) and its actors. It is therefore
necessary to move from a sectoral perspective to a territorial perspective, from static to mobile, from institutional to relational, from
standardized to diversity. Five categories of actors (360 °) are concerned: seniors, carers, workers, managers of accompanying
organizations, researchers.
Our research question is: How can a 360 ° mobile third-party contribute to the sustainability of aging
well at home in diversity? The issues of knowledge concern four domains: the mobile device as such; autonomous, family, voluntary
and professional care combinations that allow seniors from diverse backgrounds to pursue their life plans; the conditions of a
well-being at work and a coordination between business in a neighborhood logic; the socio-economic models of aging well.

List of persons in charge :

  • SIRE Olivier

  • STERNO Jean-Marc

Members List :

  • SIRE Olivier

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  • Fonds spéciaux de recherche

  • Région bruxelloise

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