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(TeamUp 2019 (Innoviris))

Unité : LISA - Image Analysis | ULB804

Description :

Symbol recognition, and in particular optical character recognition (OCR), can be consider as a mature domain. However when it comes to structured
document, in particular schematics or blueprints, the complexity and the specificity of the document is increasing dramatically. The usual approach relies on line
identification, symbol recognition and more generally OCR limited to portion of the document. Often ontologies, that are machine-compatible description of
concepts, are defined to describe/analyse the document in a structured way. Ontologies are domain specific and require an important expert
Blueprint project proposes to implement and train state of the art techniques of machine vision in order to provide the user with an interactive constantly
learning system that will reinforce its prediction accuracy by a continuous human interaction. Moreover the chosen approach will enable to apply the same
framework to dataset from diverse origin, in order to cope with the versatility of the blueprint digitization problem.

Liste des responsables :

  • DEBEIR Olivier

Liste des bailleurs :

  • Région bruxelloise