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Whole slide imaging and analysis in digital pathology

(FNRS Télévie (No 7.4.511.09 F, 7.4656.11F), "FEDER-Convergence" funds and RW)

Units : LISA - Image Analysis | ULB804

Description :

Tissue-based biomarker characterization from whole slide image analysis using machine and deep learning and image
This also includes the development of methods able to deal with imperfect (weak or noisy) annotations and methods of evaluating
algorithms in such situations where the ground truth is not available

This research is carried out in close collaboration with the
Pathology Department of the Erasme hospital and the DIAPath pole ( of the Center for Microscopy
and Molecular Imaging (CMMI, Biopark of Gosselies, ULB).

List of persons in charge :

  • DEBEIR Olivier

  • DECAESTECKER Christine

Members List :

  • DEBEIR Olivier

  • FOUCART Adrien

  • ZINDY Egor

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  • Région wallonne

  • Feder

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