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Optimization Free Constrained Control

Unité : Automatique et analyse des systèmes | ULB809

Description :

In the present times, Model Predictive Control (MPC) is the standard for constrained control. This scheme computes the prediction of the control action
over a sufficiently long horizon by solving an optimization problem online. Its strong point is also its weakest: to have the certainty that the problem will
be solved on time, the system MPC is applied to must be slow enough – especially when dealing with nonlinear systems.

The goal of this project is to
develop and extend constrained control schemes that do not rely on optimization in the loop. In this project, we focus in the recently proposed Explicit
Reference Governor. In essence, this scheme modifies the applied reference to the system in a way that makes the controlled variables fulfill the constraints.
All of this is done by computing a certain safety index, the Dynamic Safety Margin. Up to now, computing a suitable Dynamic Safety Margin is not
straightforward, except for linear systems subject to linear constraints. This project aims to extend the ERG with new ways of computing the Dynamic Safety Margin
for wider ranges of constraints and with definitions of the Dynamic Safety Margin.

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