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Design and Development of a Hovering Flapping Twin-Wing Robot

Unité : Automatique et analyse des systèmes | ULB809

Description :

The aim of this work is designing and constructing a flapping twin-wing robot of the size of hummingbird (Colibri in French) capable of hovering. Our robot
currently has a total mass of 22 g, a wing span of 21 cm and a flapping frequency of 22 Hz; it is actively stabilized in pitch, roll and yaw by changing
the wing camber with a mechanism known as wing twist modulation. The proposed design of wing twist modulation effectively alters the mean lift vector with
respect to the center of gravity by reorganization of the airflow. This mechanism is modulated by an onboard control board which calculates the corrective
feedback control signals through a closed-loop controller in order to stabilize the robot. The vertical position is controlled manually by tuning the
flapping frequency. The robot has demonstrated successful hovering flights with an on-board battery for the flight autonomy of one minute.

Liste des responsables :

  • KINNAERT Michel

Liste des bailleurs :

  • Fonds propres (patrimoine)