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Experimental, theoretical and numerical analysis of the exchange phenomena between a bubble and the surrounding liquid

Unité : TIPs - Transport phenomena and process engineering | ULB828

Description :

In this research project, we aim to describe the transport phenomena (mass and momentum) taking place inside and around a bubble/drop within a gas-liquid
contactor. By combining theoretical (balance equations, stability analysis, asymptotic techniques...), numerical (commercial codes, “home-made” codes)
and experimental tools (essentially implementing optical diagnostic techniques: shadowing or interferometry), we can obtain original results, related for
example to the dynamics of bubbles in microchannels (paying a special attention to the inertial and capillary migration forces, as well as to the role of
surfactants.), the dynamics and morphology of unconfined ellipsoidal bubbles or the coupling between flow, bubble-liquid or gas-droplet mass transfer and
chemical reaction.

Selected publications :

Atasi, O., Haut, B., Pedrono, A., Scheid, B., & Legendre, D. Infuence of soluble surfactants and
deformation on the dynamics of centered bubbles in cylindrical microchannels. Langmuir (published online). 2018

Rivero-Rodriguez, J., & Scheid, B. Bubble
dynamics in microchannels: internial and capillary migration forces. Jounal of Fluid Mechanics, 842, 215-247. 2018

Mikaelian D., Haut B., & Scheid
B., Bubbly flow and gas-liquid mass transfer in square and circular microchannels for stress-free and rigid interfaces: dissolution model, Microfluidics
& Nanofluidics, 19, 899-911. 2015

Mikaelian, D., Larcy, A., Cockx, A., Wylock, C., & Haut, B. Dynamics and morphology of single ellipsoidal bubbles
in liquids. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 64, 1-12. 2015

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