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BIGSOUTH (BIoGeochemical cycles in the SOUTHern Ocean: Role within the Earth System)

Units : Glaciology | ULB182

Description :

This proposal linking sea ice to the global ocean system focuses on the following key questions: (1) What is the significance of
sea-ice physical and biogeochemical processes on atmosphere - ocean fluxes of climate gases (CO2, DMS, CH4, N2O) and fluxes of
matter (carbon, macro- and micro-nutrients) to the water column? (2) Can we reconstruct paleo-sea ice extension based on sedimentary
records and sound knowledge of sea-ice biological and physico-chemical processes? (3) How are formation rate, composition, lability
and sinking speed of marine biogenic particles related to planktonic community structure and trophic interactions and how do
margin systems open ocean and sea-ice covered systems, which differ in Fe availability,  compare? (4) What are the physical and
ecosystem conditions and pathways that lead either to shallow remineralisation or to deep export of organic matter produced in sea-ice
and surface waters? (5) What is the impact of these processes on water column nutrient ratios and nutrient distribution in the
Global Ocean? 

List of persons in charge :

  • PATTYN Frank

List of lessors :

  • PAI