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Behavioral and brain dynamics of consciousness

Units : Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group | ULB484

Description :

Authors differ on (1) whether consciousness is a graded or a dichotomous phenomenon, and on (2) the cortical distribution of the
brain regions involved in conscious perception. To contribute to resolving this controversy, we propose to examine the influence of
the complexity of stimuli on subjective reportability and on objective performance, while both obtaining behavioral and
neurophysiological measures. A second line of research is rooted in the fact that theory development is complicated by the question of how
to measure subjective experience adequately. Therefore, two frequently used scales, which have so far led to incompatible results,
will be directly compared in several experimental designs, to assess whether results obtained with the scales genuinely reflect
subjective reports, or merely biases. Finally, we want to explore the features of the representations on which such subjective
reports are based. To this end, computational models will be implemented, also allowing to empirically test recently outlined
representational theories on consciousness.

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