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Press and Literature in french-speaking Belgium ( 1920 - 1940 ) : a survey of the art critique debates and a sociological interpretation thereof

Units : Philixte. Literary, Philological and Textual Studies | ULB720

Description :

Recent scholarship has shown that the Belgian interwar literary field functioned in a particular way, which was closely linked to
the principle of networks. A particular type of highly mobilised capital has been defined: relational capital, i.e. an agent's
capacity to use his relations in order to produce certain effects. In this context, a specific kind of agent requires particular
attention: those who animate cultural life; the latter notably diffuse the debates which guide the literary and artistic fields.      
  This project proposes an in-depth study of the category of writer-journalists involved in the artistic life of their day. The
writer who intervenes in artistic debate has the particular characteristic of not directly belonging to the literary or artistic
world, but is part of an in-between category, i.e. art criticism. This activity constitutes an investment strategy whose main
interest is to generate repercussions in both fields. Hence our interest in studying the mobilisation, from the part of writers, of this
kind of intervention in cultural values. (members of the research centre : Paul Aron, Valérie Nahon)  

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