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Nonequilibrium physics in nanosciences, chemical physics, biophysics, surface science and heterogeneous catalysis

Units : Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems | ULB164

Description :

The methods developed in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and the theory of nonequilibrium stochastic processes are applied to
selected mesoscopic systems.  Besides nucleation, we study nanometric bistable and oscillatory chemical systems , both
theoretically and exparimentally (field ion microscopy & heterogeneous catalysis), the emergence of nanoscale patterns arising from the
interference between nonequilibrium processes and equilibrium critical phenomena, self-organization in gels with mechanical response
to autocatalytic chemical reactions, mean-field versus master equation descriptions, emergence of anomalous inhomogeneous
fluctuations. Of special interest is also the smart behavior of nanosystems as a consequence of their functioning out of equilibrium with
applications to nanomechanical actuators using carbon nanotubes as their shaft, molecular motors, copolymerization processes such
as DNA replication, or electronic nanodevices. Energy dissipation in nonequilibrium regimes in relation with their transport and
thermodynamic properties is also analyzed.

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