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Late-modern evolutions in juvenile delinquentbehavior (Belgium 1980-2005): a qualitative research

Units : Center of criminological researchs | ULB067

Description :

This research aims at a criminological analysis of the evolution(s) during the past 25 years of problematic and ''delinquent''
juvenile behaviour in Belgium. Obviously specific problematic juvenile behaviours, such as incivilities, antisocial behaviour or
violence, became important focuses of concern in late modern (Belgian) criminal policy. Moreover, international and european research
demonstrates dominant trends in European juvenile delinquency for this period (such as an increase of violent crimes). Ever since
the nineties, European research has shown a changing morphology of juvenile delinquency cases. A vivid discussion is going on
amongst scientists, practioners as well as policymakers on how this complex phenomenon can be understood. In Belgium however, there is
no research thoroughly analysing and contextualizing these evolutions from a long-term perspective, neither from a quantitative
point of view, nor from a qualitative one. Over the past few years, international and especially European research has seen an
interesting change of course, from a more developmental psychological point of view (individualistic, offender-oriented) towards a
more sociological approach, explicitly referring to the need of a (historic) long-term perspective. Until today no research was
carried out to confront the Belgian situation with these European changes in juvenile delinquency. This research proposal joins the
abovementioned research issue, which especially in Belgium, has not yet been investigated scientifically. The main research question
of this project is: How did Belgian juvenile delinquent and problematic behaviour change and how can these changes be
criminologically and socially understood as part of underlying social mutations? Therefore, this research aims at providing a criminological
analysis of the long-term evolutions (1980-2005) in the delinquent and problematic behaviour of youngsters in Belgium. 

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  • NAGELS Carla

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