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Biological and Integrated Control

Units : Spatial Epidemiology Lab | ULB656

Description :

The laboratory is active in classical and neo-classical biological control (control of Dendroctonus micans and of D. valens using
the predator Rhizophagus grandis), as well as in conservation biocontrol (establishment of environmental conditions  favouring the
activity of the predator Thanasimus formicarius and the parasitoids Coeloides bostrichorum, Rhopalicus tutela, Roptrocerus
xylophagorum in order to increase the natural control of Ips typographus). Integrated pest management is also a component of our
activities: phytosanitary monitoring, pest risk analyses on quarantine organisms, pheromone or kairomone trapping' 

List of persons in charge :

  • GREGOIRE Jean-Claude

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