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Nuclear spectroscopy and reactions : theory and applications. - Mathematical methods in Physics

Units : Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Mathematical Physics | ULB186

Description :

Expertise in the methods for low energy nuclear physics : Theoretical developments : multi-cluster microscopic models in the
Generator Coordinate Method and the R-matrix approach ; calculations based on mesh methods,- Applications : nuclear reactions with
stable and radioactive ions, some of astrophysical interest; exotic nuclear states : light nuclei with neutron '' halo'', neutron rich
nuclei at the limit of the nuclear stability - Mathematical methods in non-relativistic quantum mechanics : - applications in the
microscopic approaches of physical problems of groups theory and Lie algebra, so as of their deformations known as quantal groups
and algebra ; study of the inverse problem with supersymmetric transformations and applications to nuclear and atomic systems.

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  • SPARENBERG Jean-Marc

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