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Phytochemical study of antiparasitic, antifungic and antimicrobial constituents of African medicinal plants.

Units : Pharmacognosy, Bioanalysis & Drug Discovery | ULB400

Description :

Many medicinal plants are used in traditionnal african medicine for the treatment of malaria, trypanosomiasis, helminthiasis and
fungic and microbial infections. The identification of the compounds responsible for the biological activity is done using in vitro
tests that allow bioguided purification of the most active fractions. Apart from the classical tests for the anti-plasmodial,
anti-trypanosomial, fungicide and antimicrobial activities, (tests done in collaboration with other teams), we have developed an
original test for nematicide activity on Caenorhabditis elegans, test that has been fully analytically and biologically validated. The
standardization of the crude extract is also investigated.

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