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Studying the genetic programs that control cerebral cortex development

Units : Developmental Genetics | ULB578

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The cerebral cortex is composed of hundreds of different types of neurons assembled in a highly organized structure. How cortical
neurons are generated during embryonic development constitutes a major challenge in developmental neurosciences with implications
for neural diseases. Our recent work has shown that the zinc finger transcription factor Dmrt5 and Dmrt3 are required for the
development of the caudomedial part of the cerebral cortex. Our current work aims to better understand their function and mode of
action in cortical patterning and neurogenesis.To achieve this, we are using a range of functional assays such as the analysis of
transgenic and conditional knockout mice and gene overexpression and knockdown by electroporation in utero. We also study their
transcription targets using expression profiling and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP-seq) experiments. 

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