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Exploring the oscillatory cerebral interactions between the motor and the attentional system under three conditions: action observation, attention deficit with/out hyperactivity and mindfulness

Unité : Unité de Recherche en Neurophysiologie et de Biomécanique du Mouvement | ULB382

Description :

While both, motor and attention systems play fundamental role in high order cognitions, such as action understanding, imitation or motor imagery, this
doctoral thesis aims to characterized brain EEG (electroencephalogram) oscillatory interactions between motor and attention controls. First, the role and the
oscillatory contribution of visuo-motor neurons (mirror neurons in particular) in cognition is investigated. The second step is to study brain oscillation
during motor inhibition in attention deficit with/out hyperactivity (ADHD). The large-scale networks activity related to attention control and
non-reactivity stance underlying mindfulness practices (static and in movement) are also examined. In this context, this research also covers neural dissociations
between perceptual and motor inhibitions.

Collaboration : Prof. Guy Cheron & Prof. Ana Bengoetxea

Liste des responsables :

  • ZARKA David

  • CHERON Guy