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Migration Policies in Small States : a Critical Study of Relocation in Malta and Luxembourg

Unité : REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale | ULB704

Description :

The project explores the contemporary development of migration policies in the European Union (EU). It focuses on relocation, a
recent and contested measure, which aims to transfer migrants within the EU. The case studies are Malta and Luxembourg. Unlike the
majority of member states, both countries have been deeply committed to the relocation of migrants. The research has two main
objectives. One is to investigate the under-studied role of small states in the adoption of relocation. Another one aims to develop
research on the implementation of relocation in small states, which remains limited to date. In the overall, the project explores how
Malta and Luxembourg contribute to developing a specific form of governing migration, which tends to both contain and encourage
the mobility of migrants. This project built on governmentality studies and involves multi-sited fieldwork between Brussels, Malta
and Luxembourg. By studying relocation, the research intends to show how migration is governed by both incentive and coercive
mechanisms. As such, it will represent a great contribution to migration studies and EU studies.  

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