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The state of sensorimotor cortical oscillations at hand

Unité : Unité de Recherche en Neurophysiologie et de Biomécanique du Mouvement | ULB382

Description :

Beta sensorimotor cortical oscillations are the direct reflection of the state of human sensorimotor brain functions, making them an abundant topic of
fundamental and translational research. Fundamental studies have revealed that beta sensorimotor cortical oscillations leave a detectable trace in muscle
activity and in finger tremor. This project will assess the possibility of assessing modulations in beta sensorimotor cortical oscillations through inexpensive
recordings of signals measurable directly from the upper limb. In a second phase, it will examine the applicability of such inexpensive means to monitor
sensorimotor brain to monitor the progression of Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Collaborations : Thomas Legrand, Scott Mongold, Gilles Naeije

Liste des responsables :


  • LEGRAND Thomas