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The Archive of Disappearance: a typology

Unité : hortence - centre de recherche en histoire, théorie et critique de l'architecture | ULB736

Description :

Archive of Disappearance(AOD): a typology is a proposal for a research project in-and-through practice, based on a specific body of work and presentation
model that I have been experimenting with over the last 10 years. The project aims to address the activation of the architecture and the mechanisms of
public appearance and disappearance of artworks in the contemporary museum. The goal of this research project is to complement, deepen, and extend the personal
artistic research methods that I have worked on in order to develop the Archive of Disappearance into a scholarly and systematic research project. This
project seeks – both in the realm of art and architecture – to lead to alternative typologies for presenting or ‘reading’ artworks, in which the
physical space or spatial conditions are enhanced with other forms of interaction – introducing text, performance or other media.

Liste des responsables :

  • DE BOECK Lieven

Liste des bailleurs :

  • F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA)