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Unité : Qualité et sécurité des systèmes informatiques | ULB516

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Over the last 50 years, the CMOS technology allowed more and more efficient manufacturing of integrated circuits. This technology has now reached not only
the physical limits, but also important economic barriers! Even if we are ready to produce integrated circuits with minimum features size below 10
nanometers, the production cost is high and will significantly increase with the following technology generations.

To overcome this problem, a computer system
paradigm shift is needed: let us imagine complex systems such as a computers, watches, biomedical implants, the controls of an aircraft, or any other
system, made entirely from the same elementary integrated circuits, combined at design time, during integrated circuit packaging. All we have to do is to make
them communicate securely and to schedule them properly in order to realize complex and as varied architectures as necessary.

The Concerted Research
Action “SOFIST" proposes to develop these future IT architectures called "CLOUD-OF-CHIPS". By combining researches on integrated circuit
design, communication, security and scheduling, these new kind of circuits could replace any computer system! The valorization perspectives are important because
the outcomes of this research will be applicable for embedded systems, real-time systems, communication systems, etc. as well as for mainstream systems
such as Internet-of-Things and Internet-of-Everything.
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