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PANTHEON : Precision farming of hazelnut orchards

Units : Department of control engineering and system analysis | ULB809

Description :

Project PANTHEON is a research project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 framework programme. Inspired by
the real needs of the partner Ferrero, the project aims at defining a new paradigm for the precision farming of hazelnut orchards.
The core idea is to build a system able to monitor the phytosanitary status of each single plant of the orchard. This will result
in focused interventions, yielding an increase in the overall orchard production while being more cost-effective and
environmentally friendly.
 The PANTHEON consortium is coordinated by Prof. A. Gasparri and consists of four universities (Roma Tre, ULB,
Trier, and Tuscia) and two industrial partners (Sigma Consulting, and Ferrero), which provide the complementary expertise and
technologies (ranging from robotics and control theory, to agronomy, remote sensing, and big data) needed for the success of the
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