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AIMS - Advanced Impacts Evaluation Methodology for Innovative Freight Transport


Unité : Qalinca-Labs | ULB803

Description :

The aim of this project was to design advanced impact assessment methodology for sustainable transport research applied to
European R&D projects and programmes in order to maximize the success of public or private investments in freight transport RTD.
Qalinca Labs participated in this project as a leader for the intermodal transport mode and has evaluated research activities in
the field of intermodal transport relevant to the FP5, FP6/ and FP7 programme. They have developed guidelines for increasing the
relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of current and future R&D programmes at EU level and produced recommendations for the
definition of new research policy objectives.
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Liste des responsables :

  • NDIAYE Alassane Ballé

  • JANJEVIC Milena

Liste des bailleurs :

  • Autres U.E.